Quality Systems

At Ommi Forge the Quality Assurance System is in conformance with the best practices in the industry both within India and overseas as a result of which the quality of our product is consistently higher than industry specifications.

A well-documented quality assurance system is followed in all our processes and practices – this ensures that a high level of efficiency is achieved. In addition we make continuous efforts to improve manufacturing technology and equipments resulting in the best quality of products at best affordable prices.

The main features of the Quality Assurance System are as under:-

Control of all incoming materials as per manufacturers certificates accompanying supplies and random check for chemical composition at an approved laboratory.

In process check for conformance requirements at all stages of process– cutting, forging, heat treatment, post forging process etc. and maintenance of records.

Periodic calibration of inspection/checking/testing equipments to ensure accuracy of measuring equipments.

Despatch of parts with complete set of technical and commercial documentation including test reports, mill certificates etc. as per terms of customer order.

Recording of complaints if any received from the customer, investigate and analyse root cause for the problem, implement corrective action and communicate the same to the customer within an agreed time frame.