Facilities For Manufacture

Close Die Forging: Equipped with a battery of 8 Power Hammers, capable of producing complex profiles ranging from 0.5 to 60 Kgs. a piece

Upset Forging: Producing Shafts up-to 6” in diameter and 1000 mm length.

Open Die Forging: Open Die Forging of various shapes ranging from 10kgs – 250 Kgs a piece, shafts upto 2000mm in length.

Ring Rolling: Capable of producing rings up-to 1200mm in diameter.

Heat Treatment: Our state of the art Heat Treatment equipment is calibrated in accordance to API 6A For furnace uniformity,Facilitating Heat Treatment Of Normalising, Hardening, Tempering, Solution Annealing.

Machining: Our Second Unit along with our dedicated business partners have capabilities to carryout various processes ranging from Turning, Milling with 4th Axis capable of machining all our forged products. Equipped with CMM and other measuring equipment capable of measuring critical parameters.